Seminarserie med Jeff Eaton i Edinburgh 2.-3. august

Listening After Bion
Seminar series in Edinburgh with Seattle-based psychoanalyst and author Jeff Eaton 2nd & 3rd August.

The three-part seminar series will focus on the way we listen in a session, drawing on Jeff’s decades of intensive study and also teaching of Bion. Dr Roger Bacon, leading Edinburgh-based analyst with over 35 years’ experience, will act as respondent.

“The analytic experience encourages us to wrestle with our fears, and gradually to welcome suffering more fully into the moment. The experience of deepening awareness attunes us to registers not ordinarily listened for or experienced. Over time we grow more tolerance for anxieties that would not have been registered or welcomed earlier. We discover how factors like attention, anxiety, and desire shape perception. We learn to dip into a space for suffering, to stay a little longer, and to emerge again. All this hard work strengthens the self, expands consciousness, and promotes creative problem solving and honest self-expression.”
~ Jeff Eaton in ‘A Fruitful Harvest: Essays after Bion’

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