A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Social Trauma

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We share with you this flyer that will provide you with a 25% discount available on the latest book from the EFPP Monograph Series: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Social Trauma The Inner Worlds of Outer Realities Edited By Cristina Calarasanu, Ulrich Schultz-Venrath & Hansjorg Messner. Additionally, we can offer until the end of June a 20% discount available on all other EFPP titles.
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Information on Book: https://www.routledge.com/A-Psychoanalytic-Exploration-of-Social-Trauma-The-Inner-Worlds-of-Outer/Calarasanu-Schultz-Venrath-Messner/p/book/9781032217062#
Book Description
A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Social Trauma presents a thorough introduction to social trauma from a range of perspectives, exploring several key themes, specific causes and symptoms and clinical interventions.
With chapters from a diverse range of authors, the book considers social trauma as it relates to stories and history, group identity, the consulting room, migration, and post-traumatic conditions. These topics are explored via a range of frames, including individual therapy, group analysis, social dream matrix, large groups, case studies, narrative recollections, and cinematographic expression. The book also considers the implications of new technology in causing and treating social trauma.
A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Social Trauma will be of great interest to psychoanalytic psychotherapists in practice and in training, psychoanalysts, and psychoanalytically informed professionals working with trauma.
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