Anniversary conference – presentation of main speakers


Ghosts in the Nursery – Traumas in a multigenerational perspective

17–18 September 2021


Amanda Jones

Dr Amanda Jones is strategic and clinical leader and consultant perinatal psychotherapist for NELFT NHS Foundation Trust’s Perinatal Parent Infant Mental Health Service (PPIMHS). This is a community perinatal service in the UK that offers psychiatric and psychotherapy treatment to pregnant women and their partners experiencing serious mental illness during pregnancy and up until the baby reaches three years of age. The psychotherapy treatment usually includes the baby.  Amanda’s doctoral research at the Tavistock Centre/UEL studied how mothers’ use of maladaptive defensive processes can derail their baby’s development. Amanda speaks nationally and internationally on the subject of understanding and helping perinatal mental/emotional illness.  Amanda is particularly interested in the unconscious power of grandparental and parental ghosts that can create pain and risk for a new baby.

May Nilsson

May Nilsson is a qualified child and adolescent psychotherapist working in private practice in Stockholm.  She has long experience of managing training, teaching and supervision on various courses in Sweden and in many countries throughout Europe.  She has published in JICAP and in Journal of Child Psychotherapy. Her papers include work with autistic children.

Liselotte Grünbaum

Liselotte Grünbaum (MSc Psychology Aut., PhD) is currently in private practice in Copenhagen; guest researcher and cooperation partner at Aalborg University; teacher and supervisor of the training program for psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapists of The Danish Psychological Association. She has published in Danish and English on child and adolescent psychotherapy, is co-author of “Psychodynamic Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy – Theories and Methods” (Karnac, 2018), and co-edited Play and Power (2010) in the EFFP Book Series.

Agnes Hodi

Training and supervising child and adult psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. She has been actively involved in the training of Hungarian psychotherapists and psychoanalysts for many years. She was appointed an honorary professor at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) and the Development Committee for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (CODECAP). As a teacher, she participates in the training program for child and adolescent psychoanalysts under the umbrella of the European Institute of Psychoanalysis. In 2018, she moved to Norway. She worked for 2 years at BUP Fredrikstad as a psychologist specialist. Currently works at  Ahus DPS Groruddalen in Oslo. Member of the Norwegian Psychoanalytic Association.

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