Anniversay conference – programme


Ghosts in the Nursery – Traumas i multigenerational perspective

17–18 September 2021



08:30–09:00          Registration – coffee

09:00–09:15          Welcome

09:15–10:30          Amanda Jones: The power of ghosts in parent-baby relationships” 

10:30–10:45          Break

10:45–12:00          May Nilsson:  “Simultaneous psychotherapy with an autistic boy and his parents”

12:00–12:15          Break

12:15–13:15          * Parallel sessions: (Infant-child-adolescence-family)

Karoline Tysnes: «Å bli til – i møte med de nære»

Henrik Kamphus:  «Gryende forståelse av enactment og sadomasokistisk samspill – en barneanalyse av et latensbarn»

Per Are Løkke: «Mor, det du glemte ble min hukommelse»

Unni S. Blom og Anne Kløve:   «Syndebukkgjøring i familien – arbeid med traumer i et generasjonsperspektiv i BUP»

13:15–14:30          Lunch

14:30–15:45          Agnes Hodi: “Seeing the Invisible, Chapters from a child analysis”

15:45–16:00          Break

16:00–17:15          Liselotte Grünbaum:  “Parental trauma and monsters in mind of a young child in therapy”

18:45–19:30          Torhild Leira – A presentation of the history of IBUP – talking to Kjersti Brænne

19:30                     Dinner


08:45–10:00          Amanda Jones: A way of thinking about power in parent-baby relationships”

10:00–10:15          Break

10:15–11:30           Liselotte Grünbaum:  “20 years later – Recollections of childhood anxieties, therapy, and later development”

11:30–13:00          Lunch

13:00–14:15          May Nilsson:  How children’s difficulties can be understood from a multigenerational perspective. Clinical experience and assessment.”

14:15–14:30          Break

14:30–15:00          * Linda Beate Havmøller:  A presentation of the IBUP pilot: “Short-term psychoanalytical psychotherapy with adolescence (STPP)”

15:00–15:15          Break

15:15–15:45          * Fredrik Cappelen:  “Ghosts in Karl Ove Knausgård novels “My Struggle” – writing, sharing and integrating generational traumas»*

15:45–16:00          Wrap-up

* Will be held in Norwegian.

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