5th Infant Observation Workshop Oslo, 5–7 September 2019

Observing Early States of Mind
The Application of the Classical Method to Clinical Practice and Education 

We are delighted to invite you to the Infant Observation Workshop in Oslo in September!

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and has this year been designated to be the main cultural city as well as the main environmental capital in Europe. We are happy to show you our city which is placed next to the fjord surrounded by soft foresty hills, just perfect for hiking, recreation and relaxing.

The workshop is arranged under the auspice of EFPP (European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Child and Adolescent section) and has formerly been held in Athens, Stockholm, Pisa and Tallinn. The sister organization of EFPP in Norway, IBUP (Institute for child and adolescence psychotherapy) together with an international organization party arrange the workshop. IBUP is situated in an old villa (Villa Sult) in a nice part of town, and this will be the venue of the workshop.

The main speakers will be Margaret Rustin and Gerd Abrahamsen.

Margaret Rustin is a psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapist from Tavistock clinic in London. She is a former leader of this clinic. She has been teaching, writing and supervising psychoanalytic psychotherapy, infant observation and toddler observation at the Tavistock and many places around the world for decades. She has published many books within the field of psychoanalysis.

Gerd Abrahamsen is an educational psychotherapist, teacher of infant observation and assistant professor emerita at Stavanger University in Norway. For many years she has been teaching nursery teacher students infant observation in a modified form. She has also applied the principles of infant observation as a method of research in several studies on issues in nursery practice. Gerd Abrahamsen has written several books and articles about her work.

The workshop will also offer infant observation presentations, supervision of infant observation by Margaret Rustin, as well as space or discussion in the plenary and in small groups.
The last day the focus will be on applications of the method.

Program of the Infant Observation Workshop 2019

Presentation of the Infant Observation Workshop 2019

The workshop is now full.

For any questions, please e-mail post@ibup.no


Suggested accommodations:
Frogner house apartments. In the vicinity of the venue of the workshop, there are possibilities to rent small flats with two rooms, bathroom and cooking possibilities, where one, two, three or four persons can stay to the price of about 750/1500Nkr.
Citybox and Smart Hotel are two good alternatives a bit further away, in the center of the city. There may be single-rooms with baths to about 700Nkr.
Gabels Hus Frogner is a very nice place, also in the vicinity of the workshop, but more expensive.